WOW! I can't believe I actually have my own presets! I have spent hundreds & hundreds of dollars over the last 7 years buying presets only to be left feeling like they still weren't what I wanted. Over the years I have tweaked & perfected what I would like to call "my brand." Making the decision to technically "sell my brand" was a tough call, but eventually came to the conclusion that we are all in this together & if my presets get you closer on track to your brand than that makes me so happy!

All preset previews can be seen at @nbpresets on Instagram under “Highlights”.

Tweaks will need to be made, being that every photo is different. These presets are not a magic touch. Knowing your camera setting while shooting is an important factor for taking a quality photo to make the editing process more simple. Most presets require slight manual adjustment depending on the photo. All sales are final. You are not permitted to redistribute or sell the digital product — or to reverse-engineer, disassemble or otherwise convert it to any other form that people can use. 


This pack contains 4 color presets and 1 black and white. These are also the presets that I use on 99% of my images. Inspired by warm "sun-kissed" beach tones. Great for those golden hour photos and direct sun shots.



This pack contains 4 color presets and 1 black and white. Michigan is where I started my photography business & where I grew it for 5 years. These presets remind of home and they were created for photographers who have drastic season change. I think of it as my collection of spring, summer, fall, and winter presets.



This pack contains 3 color presets. I love that I have had the opportunity to work with clients not only for weddings, but fashion & lifestyle as well. These presets were created for street style bloggers or photographers, from city to beach. They remain pretty true to color but add a magic touch to make your Instagram pop.